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By Emily Cotton, 11/07/2017

The Channel in Europe: Encouraging a Global Perspective

This first US-based Channel Meet Up event saw leading British channel experts joined by European and American counterparts to discuss the key issues around building an effective strategy for partners in Europe. Compared to the US, the Brits have always been a little detached from their near neighbors (even before Brexit), which gives them a wider perspective on the nuances…

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By Emily Cotton, 15/02/2017

GAME ON: Marketers vs. Partners

Imagine this. You’re in a room with 60 technology vendor and partner representatives, with a no-holds-barred remit to make the deal of the century. What would you do? It’s exactly what happened at our latest Channel Meet Up event, held in Google UK’s prestigious Town Hall. Instead of the usual conference approach of presentations, we brought in Jim Wallman from…

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By Alex Norbury, twogether, 28/04/2016

Partner communications should be as dynamic as your customer communications

The customer buying journey is becoming ever more dynamic and more open across many different platforms…mobile, social, search, digital, offline, even crowd-sourced. In B2B as much as B2C, people are more educated and more accustomed to having a lot of choice, and so marketing has become more complex to keep up. More sophisticated marketing is now just as critical for companies who need to engage with resellers –…

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By Lauren Bearman, Corporate Rewards, 28/04/2016

Channel sales incentive programmes using targets, themes and trackers

Motivating sales people to sell more of the right products at the right time can be a challenging, not to mention expensive exercise. It requires careful planning and organisation to achieve positive results and a good return on investment. However, there are tools available to make this process easier, such as online incentive and rewards platforms. Channel marketers can maximise…

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